Not easily Broken… Or was it?

Urban films these days always go for the same plot, i recently watched ‘not easily broken’ and was highly disappointed by its cliché storyline. Dave who was played by ‘Morris Chestnut’ was the ‘Great’ husband who was obedient and faithful and wanted a loving family, whilst Clarice played by ‘Teraji P Henson’ was the overbearing , overseeing wife who didn’t realise what a good man she had. The whole storyline was a bit washed for me with lines like ‘hes a good man, hold on to him’ made the film predictable. The woman is somewhat always portrayed as the villain whilst the man the victim. There where other characters that didn’t really fit the storyline, a mediocre attempt to what could have been a better production , overall ill give the film a 5/10 the only good part of the film was the small role that Kevin Hart played I guess a little humour goes a long way.

  1. Totally agree with u. Black or ‘urban’ (if we want to be politically correct) films are not what they use to be. They try so hard to prove a point and not seem stereotypical that they become predictable and some-what unrealistic. Or they just tend to be too stereotypical.

    Unfortunately the days of The Best Man, Love Jones, Soul food, Waiting to exhale and Two can play that Game are a thing of the past.

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