Senses Tickler

It’s hard to find a book that is fictional has a great storyline and a late night read… well ive found one 🙂


So I just finished reading this book called ‘ Gods Gift to Women’ by Micheal Baisden and it was fantastic, it took me about a week to finish. The book was filled with great metaphors which perfected your imaginary visions whist you where reading it. The character Julian Payne was very easy to get in touch with as well as Olivia Brown he’s obsessed ex from the past who he had just one night with. I loved the balance of  male and womans perspectives, it wasnt to overpowering even though it was based around a radio personality. The metaphors where genius you almost felt like you where one of the characters. It had a genuine message, and it was a message that could be related to. After reading this you will definitely think twice  about unattached sex, as it very rarely works out the way you want. My recommendation rating A+ a great late night read !!!!!

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