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Senses Tickler

It’s hard to find a book that is fictional has a great storyline and a late night read… well ive found one ūüôā


So I¬†just finished reading this book called ‘ Gods Gift to Women’ by Micheal Baisden¬†and it was fantastic, it took me about a week to finish.¬†The book¬†was filled¬†with great metaphors which perfected¬†your imaginary visions whist you where reading it. The character Julian Payne was very easy to get in touch with as well as Olivia Brown he’s¬†obsessed ex from the past who he had just one night with. I loved the balance of¬† male¬†and womans perspectives, it wasnt to overpowering even though it was based¬†around a radio personality. The metaphors where genius¬†you almost felt like you where one of the characters. It had a genuine message, and it was a message that could be related¬†to. After reading this you will definitely¬†think twice¬† about unattached sex, as it very rarely works out the way you want. My recommendation rating A+¬†a great late night read¬†!!!!!


A Chic Spring

Ok so I¬†bought a lovely new dress today, and couldn’t¬†help but browse more online and i¬†was loving the new monochrome and floral¬†styled dresses I¬†was coming across for Spring 2010. Here are some of the looks¬†I was into ūüôā

So this look grabbed my attention simply because of the red bow, i¬†loved it, and it also means you don’t¬†have to spice it up with too much accessories, this dress would look good with some high ankle boots!

This is a very sexy lace dress from¬†jane Norman¬†im loving the floral¬†detail and the colours aswell and its figure hugging. Lingerie Outerware¬†is soo in this season…¬†ive already purchased mine ūüėȬ†

Other floral and monochrome dresses I was also in to, BUT my Favorite would have to be this miss Selfridge navy stripe Ponte smart day dress !


BeyGaga Crazy

Lady Gaga’s New single ‘Telephone’ ft Beyonc√©¬†is actually a really good track, and me being fast found clips of the new video, im actually really excited about this¬†one, and how much Beyonc√©¬†would be featured¬†in it, since¬†she made her look like an ‘exra’ in video phone. ¬†There both great nevertheless, definitely a video ill keep posted on.

My Grammy STYLE winners

Ok so i picked 6¬†Best dressed¬†for me on the night, as there where not really much to choose from as the worst dressed list was extremely long, but here we go (my computer skills have got better aswell)¬†…

Ok so’ Jennifer Hudson’¬†I Loved this Victoria Beckham¬†dress¬†on her, it was elegant and stylist and suited her perfectly, I especially liked the detail¬†around her waist which made it look smaller while still maintaining the sophisticated edge. LOVE IT ūüôā

‘Fergie’¬†–¬†How cute is this Emilio Pucci¬†mini¬†dress, i loved it this is what i would have probably turned up in, the colour was beautiful especially and the gold one sleeve detail it just looked great and check out her shoes, my only issue with her was her HAIR , but a very¬†cute¬†¬†dress ! A* (See Below)

Melody Thornton’¬† –¬†I absolutely¬†nearly died when¬†I saw this dress I¬†LOVE it, it’s a¬†really sexy full length dress which shows off her curves and everyone likes a bit of shimmer dont they¬†!

‘Keri Hilson’¬†– I liked this on Keri, the belted detail is stunning and the flare at the bottom makes it all the better, and it hugs her figure perfectly¬†an¬†A+ for you Keri.

‘Miley Cyrus’¬†– ok so this Max Azria¬†mini dress is nice,¬†I liked that she kept it quite simple and its age appropriate¬†unlike TAYLOR¬†SWIFTS dress (even though it was stunning) and the shoes matched really well, her extensions where different colours though, so she lost a few marks there, but the dress was nice.

And last of all the star of the night ‘Beyonce‘ – This Stephane Rolland Egyptian styled gown fitted her to perfection, I loved it, she accesorised¬†it beautifully down¬†to her ¬†to her makeup, nails¬†and her earings are gorgeous. I liked the dress had a plunging neckline and the colour matches her skin well.¬†

For me FERGIE’s dress would be the number one, what do you think?

Not easily Broken… Or was it?

Urban films these days always go for the same plot, i¬†recently watched ‘not easily broken’ and was highly disappointed¬†by its clich√©¬†storyline. Dave who¬†was played¬†by ‘Morris Chestnut’ was the ‘Great’ husband who was obedient¬†and faithful¬†and wanted a loving family, whilst Clarice played by ‘Teraji¬†P Henson’ was the overbearing , overseeing wife who didn’t¬†realise what a good man she had. The whole storyline was a bit washed for me with lines like ‘hes a good man, hold on to him’ made the film predictable. The woman is somewhat always portrayed¬†as the villain whilst the man the victim. There where other¬†characters that didn’t¬†really fit the storyline, a¬†mediocre¬†attempt to what could have been¬†a¬†better¬†production¬†, overall ill give the film a 5/10 the only good part of the film was the small role that Kevin Hart played¬†I guess¬†a little humour goes a long way.